Damn, I’m good. (Oscars 2013)

So I teased this in my other blog post yesterday.

It’s kind of a pastime of mine to predict the Oscars and then talk about it with some snark and sarcasm. And gloat at how I did in my predictions, which are usually pretty solid.

So let’s jump right in, shall we?

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I know I’d never be me without the security of your loving arms. (‘Have You Seen This Man?’ Week 27)

(This blog is part of an ongoing weekly series on weight loss. But you knew that, right?)

Some days you just can’t plan for things.

It’s like Burns said, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.”

There are just some periods of time that feel like a perfect storm of shite.

Never bet against her.

And then, there are astronomical alignments of awesome.

Last week, I took a little hit to the momentum train. It was kinda expected. You’re cruising along, and then BAM! Without warning, something happens and you’ve been derailed. The worst times are when you can’t figure out what the hell happened.

Well, I have a small confession. I know what happened.

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Today never happened before. (‘Have You Seen This Man?’ Week 26)

(This blog is part of an ongoing weekly series on weight loss. At this point, you should have this figured out.)

Rhythm. Keep it up.

Six months. 

A half year.

Wonder where I’ll be in six months?

Heck, I wonder where I’ll be in a week, let alone six months.

But I can say this: It’s been a good six months.

On August 18th, I joined Weight Watchers exactly twenty-six weeks ago, and I was a man in peril.

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Reason #666 Why Being Fat Sucks:

Well, I’m probably setting the bar high with this one, and remember…

…I warned you.

666) Teabagging public toilets.

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Reason #542 Why Being Fat Sucks:

I’m going to start with one that was brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago.

542) Fat shaming is starting to be accepted as a deterrent.


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I have run, I have crawled, I have scaled these city walls. (‘Have You Seen This Man?’ Week 24)

(This blog is part of an ongoing weekly series on weight loss. At this point, you should have figured this out.)

So I totally let the cat out of the bag.

During the ‘big game’ on Sunday, you know…the one that ends the professional American football season? Why anyone can’t say Super Bowl is a testament to the moniker of No Fun League.

Anyway, I digress. During said game, the lights went out. And I don’t mean there was an outage at my house…I’m talking about forty minutes of hand-wringing in Nawlins.

The freaking power browned out during the Super Bowl. 

And so there was nothing to talk about except variants of ‘Infrastructure Fail.’

No comments about Ray Lewis’ cameo in the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie as The Shredder. 

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HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? (And no, I don’t mean Pat Fraley)

Brad with Pat Fraley, 2008It’s been a really long time since I shared anything here. In fact, it’s been four months since I last had anything to say here.

Not that I haven’t had anything to say at all. I’ve just been working. And that, friends, has been a really good thing, because I’ve been busy. 

But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to beg you all for help, because my life has been taken hostage.

And the worst part?

Hardly anybody knew.

I didn’t even notice at first.

That’s sad.

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"An Invocation for Beginnings"

If you aren’t motivated after watching this, then you are beyond help. Slightly NSFW for moments of appropriately descriptive language.

Lovingly stolen from Zefrank, by way of Don Brookshire, by way of Kara Edwards.

'Delightfully Irreverent, Yet Effective' linkage: De-Essers

Just a link today, kids. You sibilant VO folk will appreciate the heck out of this. If you didn’t know what to do with a de-esser before, you darn well should know how you run one after watching. Just don’t go nuts cutting your esses, or you lose the nice air sound from the top end.


Needless to say, don’t use something unless you understand it, or your audio will suffer. 

And as a pre-emptive strike against nay-sayers and snark-a-holics, I do indeed understand that singing and spoken-word de-essing are different animals entirely, but I also know that grasping the principles of de-sucking your audio makes your free custom demos suck much less. So there, miss or mister point-out-how-everything-is-flawed.

No hyphens were harmed during the writing or posting of this blog entry. Fnord.

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I love flowcharts. It brings back days of when I was a kid and was interested in computer programming.

I love even more that nerd culture is becoming more and more part of the zeitgeist. It’s funny how people who once pooh-poohed technology and anything related to it now cling fast to it. I think they finally realize that if they don’t, they’ll be left behind, while the train of progress moves forward.

I giggle a little every day I see things that are firmly entrenched in nerd culture become some “WOW isn’t this cool come look quick ooh shiny” thing that some person thinks he or she just invented because they rename it. Yes, I’m looking at you, ‘infographic.’ It warms the cockles when old concepts are rebranded with an invented word.

But enough with the quasi-reverse-schadenfreude.

This flowchart (I refuse to use the term infographic) is a boon for anyone that is thinking about a social media campaign. It’s detailed enough to give a person a clear path of progression, yet vague enough to warrant further research. That’s just the way it should be, and my hat is off to the Simply Business folks, because it is a great springboard to getting started with a successful social media campaign.

The worth of a social media campaign is in constant discussion for voiceover these days. There are schools of thought on both sides of the discussion, and I am not totally convinced of its effectiveness without a clear focus, and that’s why this flowchart caught my eye.

Every item on the flowchart is linkable to other resources that educate and enhance the information presented, and that’s why I think it’s so valuable. Click and learn, folks.

I am still investigating the real benefit to social media for voiceover, but I think that this is a really good starting point. Even if it turns out that social media really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for VO, then this flowchart will at least help you recognize failed and half-hearted attempts at a social media ‘campaign.’