This is the first part of a 5-part series of blogs that focus on branching conversations in video games.

It gives a really great amount of insight into the way that writers think. As voice actors, this knowledge is, of course, to our advantage come time to step in the booth for an audition of this kind.

Do yourself a favor and read them all over when you have the time, and don’t be slowed down by the jargon…it’ll be easy to understand once you get going.

'Delightfully Irreverent, Yet Effective' Tutorial: Skype Patch using the Audient iD22

OK, so this one’s been percolating since the beginning of summer. After a great deal of research, I pulled the trigger on an Audient iD22 as my new interface.

Now, before anyone asks, my choice was based on my own motivations, I had a pretty specific laundry list of needs to be met. I could talk about those at great length, but quite honestly, that’s another show, with apologies to Alton Brown.

So here’s how I made my iD22 into a one-button “phone” patch using Skype:

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Faffcon Cutting Room Floor: How to Be a Graduate Student of the Game of VO

(Reader’s note: This was a potential breakout session at Faffcon 7 in Tucson, AZ, but was cut due to time, space, and being stupidly titled)

Have you ever said or heard a fellow talent say this? image

"I’m just stupid in tech stuff".

Or this?

"But you’re smart."

How about this?

"It takes a really smart person to understand that."

Or maybe even…?

"E-learning is boring."

How many of you has ever said anything like that? How many have heard someone say a permutation of any of those?

Probably all of you, right?

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Faffcon, je t’aime.

Faffcon. Faffcon is what brings us together today. 

Faffcon…that blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream….

Yeah, I totally went there, fans of must-see movies.

But for sooth, Faffcon is, indeed, what brought us together this past weekend.

When I got home, I was awash in so many emotional memories. So much so, it was difficult to recount what actually happened all weekend. To say it was a blur would be to do it a cliched disservice.

I finally was able to settle down enough to tell my wife about all the wonderful things that I witnessed and in which i participated.

I have never felt more loved than I did Sunday afternoon. I don’t think I’ve cried as much as I did this weekend in a very long time.

(Yes, I’m a sap.)

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33 plays

A little something new by me, with hits from Planet Fitness, Google, Diet Mt. Dew, Heinz Ketchup, and more!

This is permanently embedded on the sidebar to the right, in case you want to hear it at a later date.


A Grown Man Goes to Camp…and You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Yeah, yeah…clickbait. So shoot me.

So you might have heard the rumblings about this event called Faff Camp. Words that have been used include “amazing,” “wonderful,” “awesome,” and a bevy (why don’t we use this word anymore?) of superlatives about a group of people from all walks of the VO industry getting together and sharing knowledge in all directions.

Now, you may be confused about the concept of Faff Camp, especially when many industry pros wait with bated breath each spring for the announcement of FaffCON, a similar event with a completely different dynamic. I felt it prudent to sit and write a spell (as they say on the farm) about what Faff Camp means to me, and some cardinal differences in the Camp and the Con.

So what’s the difference? I have gotten that question close to a dozen times in the last week, and honestly, it’s a fair one. Let’s start with a softball.

Name and Event Dynamic

Faffcon is a development event for professionals, complete with vetting process.

Faff Camp is a development event for professionals, even those that are peripherally related to the industry, as well as folks just getting started. Anyone is welcome to attend.


Faffcon is dynamically scheduled. This is the idea of an ‘unconference.’ The fact is, some attendees have topics that they could pull out and talk about extemporaneously (another great word), but with the exception of a few select times, most of the event is scheduled right after opening circle.

Faff Camp is more structured. The schedule of events is more like a traditional conference. This way, more people can come. There are also some other cool things that only happen at Faff Camp, like Topic Tables and Lightning Talks. At Camp, there’s also two ‘tracks’ so that the attendees can be sure they will be where they need to be. (See what I did there? Faffers get it.)

Attendance Limitation

Faffcon never has more than one hundred attendees, much like there are never more than two Sith at any given time. Why? Well, it’s a solid number, and 42 was already taken.

Faff Camp helps alleviate the extremely long waiting list that invariably follows the closing of Faffcon registration. How does it do that? Well…there’s no limit to the number of attendees at Faff Camp. This year’s waiting list was apparently as long as…well, let’s just say it was long. 


I mentioned earlier about writing what Faff Camp means to me. I felt like I could give you a bevy (ah…ahhhh!) of those things here. These are some things that you’ll get from both events:

  • The guy or gal that is leading a discussion in one session will be asking questions in the next one.
  • Getting to know people that you only knew by way of their online avatar and witty banter.
  • Making lifelong friendships.
  • Playing the official game of Faff events, Cards Against Humanity.
  • Seeing the different shades of red people turn while playing said game.
  • Bob Souer.
  • Peter O’Connell
  • Amy Snively.
  • Learning about parts of the industry in which you didn’t think you belonged.
  • Learning what the hell ‘faffing’ even is, and no, it’s not the same as ‘fapping.’
  • That the sharing of knowledge is the only thing that makes it truly knowledge.
  • That some people can really hold their alcohol.
  • That despite the shysters, has-beens, and never was-es that exist on the internet, this industry is full of giving, wonderful people. A great many of them come to Faff events.
  • And, of course, a rising tide lifts all boats.

What Faff Camp means to me

I mentioned just a smattering (there’s another one) of the things above that mean so much to me. The other part about Faff Camp that was so incredible, was the fact that it was kind of my return to visibility at VO events. I had firmly entrenched myself in Dallas, plugging away at what we all do day-to-day, when I started to really feel left out. I needed to share oxygen with my peers. There’s simply no substitute for being in the same room, hell, the same corner of a room, with others.

So I called Amy. I had just booked a big video game gig, and I was seeing some patterns emerge in the way I was coming about this work, and I asked to lead a session at Faff Camp. She was extremely excited about me coming back to a Faff event, as it had been fifteen months since I had been to my last one.

So Amy talked about teaming up to present with someone I had never met before, kind of a he said/she said approach to the session. It sounded great. I made the arrangements, and next thing I know, I was back in the thick of things.

I met several Faffers that were attending their first event, and some that had attended others but I hadn’t had the pleasure, and it was wonderful to meet them and talk about things that were related (and not related) to the industry. Among those people and conversations were Jane Ingalls, and our talk about opera, Martha Mellinger, Linda Joy, Bob and Amie Breedlove, Jay Rickerts (who was formerly a news anchor back in Oklahoma..small world), Jordan Reynolds (manhugs), Jeff Devitt, Bob Merkel, Dustin Ebaugh, Kirissa Shipp, Denny Brownlee, and of course, my session co-leader, Wendy Zier.

It was as if I’d come home. Now I think I understood what the prodigal son must’ve felt. It’s like I went away of my own choice, and I finally made it back.

Sharing air, stories, wisdom, and laughs with people that a great many things in common with me. It was glorious.

Those laughs, stories, and good times will never be lost to me, and it’s all because I wanted to go. I didn’t want to be left out.

I mentioned in a Facebook post about how this is the kind of event that opens your eyes to the countless facets to the diamond that is a career as a disembodied voice. I must have been channeling my inner T.S. Eliot, because it was oddly poetic and true. So was my time at camp.

After that weekend, I swore I would never miss another Faff event. I have not, and God willing, I won’t.

This experience can be yours, as well. Don’t wait. Come to Faff Camp.

See you there.


P.S. $25 off the registration price can be saved with the use of code VT8987775

Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song, and I’ll try not to sing out of key. (Thank you, Faffcon)

So another faff-tastic weekend has come and gone. And now that I’m in full-on reflection mode today, I’ve had some time to think about the trip and everything that went on from Thursday to Monday, and to be honest, it broke my brain to try and reassemble the events chronologically.

So, instead to trying to recap everything, I think that a thank you list is in order. And I know that this might be dangerous, considering that I might miss people or leave like a handful out, and that possibility just makes me a sad panda.

So I preface this by saying that if I neglect to mention you, then you are a part of the regrets of my weekend. That I didn’t go out of my way to spend quality time with each and every one of you kinda makes me ill in retrospect. I assure you that I will do my level best to catch up, albeit here in the ether.

It’s going to be tough to get through this without bawling my eyes out.

So thank you, one and all. This weekend proved that I truly get by with a little help from my friends. See what I did there?

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It’s taken me all this time to find out what I need. (‘Have You Seen This Man?’ Weeks 37 & 38) PART 1

(We interrupt our normally scheduled weight loss blog to bring you this special bulletin, and fair warning, it’s gonna be a long one.)

I feel like It’s been forever since I wrote. It’s only been two weeks, but it seems like forever. 

It’s probably because there’s been so many things going on in my life. I know I keep saying that I’m busy, but it’s true. I have been extremely busy, and last week, I added an elliptical/walking regime to my schedule, so believe me when I say I have been busy.

In fact, work really started blowing up before Bob Bergen’s Voiceover Group Therapy workshop. You all know that I landed the reboot of Leisure Suit Larry, and things were chugging along with that (I mean seriously…like four thousand cues and even more lines), so we did like 1-2 sessions per week for like a month, and there was constant work for FUNimation and my retail clients. 

Then there was this awesome thing called Faffcamp, the first and only peer conference for VO, in which myself and cool chica Wendy Zier gave a breakout session called Video Game VO: Industry Infiltration, among tons and tons of other incredible tidbits and sessions that can only happen when you’re among your peers.

This is why I want to take time away from my normal ranting about the struggles of weight loss, and focus on an event that, I feel, is as game-changing as it is career-changing. So without further ado, I give you:

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Busboy, bartender, ladies of the night, grease monkey, ex-junkie, winner of the fight… (‘Have You Seen This Man?’ Week 35)

(Another short one. The title should be a clue)

So yeah, I’ve been busy. Really busy.

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Now don’t you understand that I’m never changing who I am. (‘Have You Seen This Man?’ Weeks 33 & 34)

(This is gonna be really short)

I gained a pound-and-a-half this week after another week of maintenance last week.

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