Bragging rights and a trip to Hot-lanta (It’s actually pretty cold right now, right?) are at stake for the 2011 The Price Is Right ’Faux-ditions.’ So no, I’m not really going to be on the show (although it would be unilaterally cool if somehow my cut of the show’s open found its way into Mike Richards’ (The Price Is Right Executive Producer) hands…just sayin’).

You know that TPIR has been auditioning announcers for the last few weeks, right? Guys like the incredible David H. Lawrence XVII (“Puppetmaster” Eric Doyle from Heroes), Brad Sherwood and Jeff Davis (of Whose Line Is It Anyway?), JD Roberto (American Idol Extra), and George Gray (The Weakest Link), have been on there, doing the classic “come on down,” and seeing if they can warm the crowd’s (and the producers’) hearts. 

But that’s not what this is about. I want a trip to Faffcon, where I can mingle with some fellow voiceover pros and head east for the first time in….*mumblefifteenyearsmumble*. I also put a ton of effort into this, and it was a total revisiting of what got me into voiceover in the first place, live announcing. In fact, I was announcer for our campus The Price Is Right shows for three years, so kid of a cool return to my VO roots, so to speak.


Please go vote. Follow the link above, post a comment on the sponsoring blog, and list your top three in 1-2-3 order. While of course, I would love your first place vote, I would also appreciate your second or third place vote, as well. No repeats, please!

All the best to everyone on this penultimate weekday evening. Konban Wa, ladies and gentlemen.

My audition for The Price is Right announcer…

…not really. More like “faux-dition.” But I am in the running for a free trip to Faffcon (the voiceover unconference) for my efforts. Be sure and go vote!

Here’s all you have to do:

You have to rank your top three choices in the comments of the blog post linked below. Polls close at 5 PM this Sunday, January 23rd!