How about some truth in memes?

With all the “What People Think I Do” graphics that are the chuckle-of-the-moment on the interwebs, I am discouraged for some of the people in the voiceover and acting industry.

Sure, there are some funny, truthful, slightly self-deprecating images floating around that ‘get’ the meme. Some creators understand that while funny, they have an opportunity to educate in the one panel of this real-life comic strip.

So why, for the love of Pete, would you help perpetuate the ‘truth’ of your job as one of the things anyone with half a brain is told to NEVER do??

For the graphics representing actors and voiceover, the picture under “What I really do” is essentially a picture of a guy ‘waiting for the phone to ring.’ 

What? That’s what you see as the ‘reality’ of your job? Really?

Well, that explains a lot. Probably why you’re not working. That’s a gross perpetuation of how to not succeed! Why give that a “Like” at all?

I get it: you’re all in a hurry to be the first one to put up a joke so everyone can fawn over it for five seconds before this meme’s fifteen minutes are up, but really?

I get it: there’s probably no way to put the truth of auditioning, self-promotion, poring over scripts, attending classes, cultivating relationships, and thirty other things that are the truth of “what I really do.”

Oh, but I can hear you all now. While my bile is rising, I can hear the “buts” echo inside your heads, folks…

"But Brad, it’s just a joke!"

"But Brad, why worry about it?"

"But Brad, isn’t that what you DO, wait for the phone to ring?"

Aaaaaand we come to the linchpin. Isn’t the point of the meme to indicate self-awareness of one’s place in the workforce while revealing some TRUTH about what we actually do? You know, juxtapose some internal truth against all that external perception?

Fine. It’s just a joke. Fine. I’m taking this too seriously. But denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, people. Go ahead and have your laugh. Because while you’re laughing, I’m just gonna keep doing what I really do.