Thank you Rick Castle.

So, my wife and I watched the back end of a two-part story arc on Castle last night, and it got me thinking. 

No, no, no. No spoilers here. Well, only a mild one. If you’re a Castle fan, you’ve seen this already. If not, I won’t reveal much from the plot. Just an interesting-yet-kinda-crazy concept. A predictive theory based on events called ‘linchpins.’ And no, it doesn’t really have anything to do with Seth Godin’s book.

Linchpins have more to do with small tipping-point events that could potentially cause larger events based on a set of conditions. Call the theory “educated guessing on crack.” That’s the way I’m going to refer to it. Linchpins are the events that push us over the edge towards a bigger event. For my high school debaters that I coach, these would be the events referred to in ‘Brink’ or ‘Threshold’ cards in a disadvantage or kritik…but I digress to a debate lesson for another time.

So why blog about small events that may lead to something bigger? Well, it got my wheels turning, and I decided to go back and evaluate how I got where I am today. I guess to identify the ‘linchpins of my life.’ And this is my new blog series. Where I recognize the people that were part of those linchpin moments.

So today, I thank Rick Castle. If it weren’t for the creators, writers, and actors of this TV series, I might not have come up with this idea. At least not in its current form.

These linchpins may not be very long, or they might tread into TL;DR territory. It’s just my way of saying thanks to those people and events that helped bring me to today.

So there you have it. Thank you, Rick Castle. For the linchpins of my life.